Usage name: Magnesium.

Obtaining process: Extraction from natural sources (minerals).

Source: Minerale (minerals).

Provenance, origin: Worldwide.

Chemical characteristics: Essential element, mineral.

Dosage form: Powder.

Bisglycinate salt: Magnesium bisglycinate is a form of magnesium that is highly absorbable by the body. It consists of one magnesium molecule linked to two glycine molecules, which facilitates its absorption in the intestinal tract. This form of magnesium is therefore very bioavailable, meaning that a greater amount is absorbed by the body compared to other magnesium salts.

Dosage needed in dietary supplements : The recommended dosage of magnesium in dietary supplements varies depending on individual needs, but it is generally recommended to take between 200 and 400 mg per day for adults.

Missions: Contributes to the normal functioning of muscles and the nervous system, reduces fatigue and exhaustion, contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

Properties : Anti-stress, muscle relaxant, sleep regulator, improves digestion, supports cardiovascular health

Indications: Fatigue, stress, disturbed sleep, muscle problems, mood regulation, bone health.