Usage name: Ashwagandha.

Process for obtaining: Extraction of ashwagandha roots, drying and grinding.

Source: Plant.

Family : Solanaceae.

Part of the plant extracted: Roots.

Provenance, origin: Mainly from India, Nepal and North Africa.

Main active compounds: withanolides, alkaloids, fatty acids, amino acids, phytosterols.

Dosage form: Powder, capsules, liquid extracts.

Necessary dosage in food supplements : The recommended dosage of ashwagandha in dietary supplements generally ranges from 100 to 600 milligrams per day.

Missions: Reduces stress and anxiety, improves the quality of sleep, strengthens the immune system, promotes physical and mental recovery, regulates the hormonal system.

Properties : Adaptogen, anti-stress, anxiolytic, immunomodulator, tonic, anti-inflammatory.

Indications: Stress, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue.