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Marine collagen powder or capsules?

Aug 16, 2022Revitae Admin

Marine collagen in capsule form

Marine collagen in capsules is not sold at Revitae for several reasons: packaging in capsules requires the addition of several substances that are not necessarily useful and desirable for the human body. In addition, it does not allow the body to distribute a sufficient quantity of collagen in order to trigger a significant effect on the body.

Why use marine collagen powder?

The advantage of packaging marine collagen in powder is to offer better value for money. Indeed, putting marine collagen into capsules is more expensive for the manufacturer. Although taking a capsule is perceived as less restrictive and faster, it is limited in quantity by the size of the capsule. The clinically effective dose of marine collagen is 10g. However, a capsule can only contain a maximum of 1 gram. So you would need to take 10 capsules to get the desired effect for just one day. Knowing that most manufacturers offer boxes of 90 capsules, the box will only last you 9 days.

The advantage of marine collagen powder

When you put the marine collagen in powder, you can afford to choose your dosage more easily. At Revitae, for example, we have introduced a 5 gram saucer in the package. Which allows you with 2 dosages to obtain 10 grams, the clinically effective dose for taking marine collagen. The package being 200 grams, you will then have a cure of 20 days. Now let's compare the prices. Reduced to the kilo, the average price of a box of marine collagen in capsule is 270€/kg. At Revitae, powdered marine collagen is 139€/kg, i.e. half the price, and without the negative substances associated with putting it in capsules.

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