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Experience the power of health and vitality with June® Liposomal Vitamin C. The key to boosted immunity and glowing skin.

Duration of cure: 30 days | Shelf life: 24 months

Quantity: 1 box (22.90€/u)

Skin Radiance

Rediscover radiant, youthful skin with the anti-aging effects of Vitamin C. Reduce the appearance of fine lines, boost collagen production and display radiant natural beauty.

Natural Energy

Say goodbye to energy dips during the day. June® Liposomal Vitamin C gives you a long-lasting energy boost, without the crashes often associated with energy drinks.

Immune Boost

Stimulate your immune system and protect yourself from external aggressions. Vitamin C is known for its powerful antioxidant properties, helping you stay in top shape all year round.

Discover Liposomal Vitamin C from June®

Unleash the power of immunity and vitality

Are you looking to boost your immune system, revitalize your skin and boost your daily energy? Look no further, the solution is here: Liposomal Vitamin C June®. Carefully designed and manufactured in France by the prestigious June Laboratoire, this unique formula combines the power of vitamin C with cutting-edge liposome technology, for unparalleled results.

The Benefits of Liposomal Vitamin C June®

Optimal Absorption: Thanks to liposome technology, each drop of June® Liposomal Vitamin C is encapsulated in essential lipids, allowing maximum absorption by your body. Say goodbye to classic vitamin supplements that struggle to be absorbed.

🌿 Premium Quality: Made with care in France by the renowned June Laboratoire, our formula is free of GMOs, gluten and any artificial additives. You deserve the best, and we're proud to give it to you.

Why June Laboratoire and not another?

Why choose June Laboratory?

The liposomal formula of our June® Liposomal Vitamin C represents a major advance in nutrition and health, offering a series of unique advantages over conventional vitamin C.

The secret lies in the structure of liposomes, tiny lipid spheres that encapsulate vitamin C. These liposomes act as protectors and carriers, allowing vitamin C to be transported efficiently across cellular barriers, dramatically improving its absorption and bioavailability.

When you take a traditional vitamin C, much of it may be altered or eliminated through the digestive process before it even reaches your cells. However, with our liposomal formula, the liposomes act as a protective barrier, preventing the premature breakdown of vitamin C in the digestive tract. This means more vitamin C reaches your cells directly, maximizing your health benefits.

Additionally, liposomes specifically target cells that need vitamin C the most, such as immune cells and skin cells. This strengthens your immune system, improves cell regeneration and promotes healthy, radiant skin from within. Liposomes also allow for a slow, steady release of vitamin C into the body, avoiding the energy spikes and crashes associated with other forms of supplementation.

In summary, the liposomal formula of June® Liposomal Vitamin C offers a significant improvement in absorption, cellular targeting and bioavailability compared to conventional vitamin C. It allows you to get the most benefit from every drop, boosting your immune system, revitalizing your skin and giving you constant energy throughout the day. Choose liposomal technology for optimal health and lasting well-being.

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