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Intellectual performance
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A June Laboratoire innovation: Wake up your brain and treat yourself to increased concentration and intellectual performance.

Featuring a powerful quartet – Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, and Reishi – this formula is your new secret to a sharper mind and a more productive day.

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Easily Integrate the Power of Mushrooms into Your Routine

Our innovative formula dilutes perfectly into your morning coffee or any beverage of your choice, blending effortlessly into your daily routine. Imagine starting each day with a dose of mental clarity, ready to tackle challenges with heightened acuity.

Discover Mental Clarity with Lion's Mane

  • Boosts Neurogenesis : Promotes the growth of brain cells for better brain plasticity.
  • Improves Concentration and Memory : Strengthens concentration and memorization skills, essential in a world where information is king.
  • Combats Cognitive Deterioration : A lifeline against cognitive decline, supporting long-term brain health.

Cordyceps: The Turbo of Your Daily Vitality

  • Increased Energy : Boosts blood oxygenation, which improves energy and endurance.
  • Supports Intellectual Performance : By increasing energy, it contributes to better concentration and increased mental endurance.
  • Improves Overall Health : Strengthens the immune system and supports heart and respiratory function.

Chaga & Reishi: The Perfect Alliance for a Serene Mind

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety : Promotes relaxation and improves stress management.
  • Supports Sleep : Helps improve sleep quality, essential for optimal cognitive function.
  • Boosts the Immune System : Strengthens the body's natural defenses for robust overall health.

Why June Laboratoire and not another?

Why choose June Laboratory?

  • Increased concentration and mental clarity : Achieve and maintain an optimal state of focus.
  • Improved intellectual performance : stimulate your brain for better thinking, learning and memory.
  • Flexibility of use : a soluble formula that adapts to your favorite drink, making it easier to integrate into your life.
  • Natural and Pure : enjoy the benefits without additives or preservatives, just the pure power of mushrooms.

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