La recette secrète pour des cheveux sains et brillants : Kératine et Prêle des champs à l'honneur ! - June Laboratoire

The secret recipe for healthy and shiny hair: Keratin and Horsetail in the spotlight!

Jul 08, 2023June Laboratoire

Have you ever dreamed of having strong, voluminous and healthy looking hair? Look no further, because the solution lies in a powerful combination: Keratin and Field Horsetail. This winning duo is the key to revitalizing your hair and restoring its shine. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of this unique combination and show you how it can transform your distressed hair.

  1. Keratin : Your hair's protective shield Keratin is a protein naturally present in your hair. It plays an essential role in strengthening the hair structure and protecting your hair from external aggressions. However, over time and repeated aggressions, Keratin can deteriorate, resulting in weakened, brittle and dull hair. This is where keratin supplementation comes in handy, as it helps fill in the gaps and restore the strength and beauty of your hair .

  2. Horsetail : The magic herb for shiny hair Horsetail is a plant known for centuries for its benefits on the hair. It is rich in minerals such as silicon, which promotes hair growth and health. By stimulating the production of collagen, Horsetail strengthens hair follicles, improves blood circulation to the scalp and helps prevent hair loss . It also helps regulate sebum production, eliminating oily or dry scalp problems.

  3. The combination of Keratin and Horsetail : A powerful synergy When combined, Keratin and Horsetail work in harmony to revitalize your hair from the inside and out. Keratin fills gaps in the hair structure, strengthens the hair and protects it from external aggressions, while Field Horsetail provides the nutrients necessary for healthy growth and radiant hair .

  4. How to integrate this combination into your hair routine To take advantage of the benefits of Keratin and Horsetail, you can opt for hair products specifically formulated with these ingredients. Shampoos, conditioners, masks or dietary supplements, the options are varied. Be sure to choose quality products, containing adequate concentrations of Keratin and Horsetail, and use them regularly as recommended.

By integrating Keratin and Horsetail into your hair routine, you open the door to radiant, healthy hair. These two natural ingredients have been shown to strengthen, revitalize and beautify hair. Whether you choose hair products enriched with Keratin and Horsetail or specifically formulated dietary supplements, rest assured that you are making the best choice for your hair.

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